Slenderman's Shadow: Elementary 1.1

This "map" in the indie game series is set in a grade school

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When it comes to horror, there is something special about seeing something homegrown and terrible coming at you. Horror is a genre designed to scare the wits out of you, and while Slenderman's Shadow: Elementary does not exactly accomplish that, it is still one of the most successful installations on this free, crowdfunded series. Slenderman's Shadow: Elementary offers some great scares and some interesting commentary on the genre.

The Slenderman

The Slenderman is a horror character that came out of a 2009 Internet meme creation contest, but after that, he developed a life of his own. Impossibly tall, impeccably clad in a black suit, and utterly featureless, the Slenderman has tons of art, movies and fiction written about him, and it was only a matter of time before he got video games as well. Slenderman's Shadow: Elementary is the third in a series called Slenderman's Shadow, which in turn takes its cue from Slende: The Eight Pages. In all of these games, the main character hunts certain objects in a dark area, avoiding the Slenderman who is hunting for them.


In Slenderman's Shadow: Elementary, you play as a little girl who is trapped in an elementary school. You must collect eight teddy bears that are hidden the darkened school building before the Slenderman takes you. Although you start with a flashlight to light your way, that is quickly taken away from you, and instead, you are forced to navigate through the darkness on your own. There are definitely some scares along the way, but these scares are a standard part of the Slenderman's Shadow games. This is an excellent addition to the series, but aside from a few interesting visuals, it does not stand out from the crowd.


In comparison to the earlier maps that were used in Slenderman's Shadow, this supplement has a lot more gore. There are dead bodies and blood strewn around thickly, and there has obviously been a lot of destruction and mutilation going on. Some people newer to the Fear Mythos may be a little startled; the gore is actually a call back to the way the Slenderman originally operated. When the figure was first created, he killed and maimed people brutally. In later versions, the people often simply disappear or are left with lingering scars and mental dysfunction.

Who Will Like This Game?

This game is so far sunk into the Slenderman universe that it is remarkably uninteresting to people not already fans of the Fear Mythos. The gameplay is engaging, but it is not compelling unless you are already a fan of the world and what the Slenderman is. Ultimately, this game was made by fans and for fans, and though it does well in its own universe, it is a little lacking when stood on its own.


  • Atmospheric
  • Engaging
  • Great addition to the series


  • Does not stand alone
  • Somewhat repetitive

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